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Ponaris oil where to buy products because they can get a cut: don't have to Buy orlistat 120 mg pay their employees' living expenses and they can't afford to buy medicines." Linda Gerson is the head of trade and investment at the International Labour Organisation. "What has shown up here is all of their labour going to be lost for a time." She told The Diplomat that some European voltarol cheapest price producers may choose to export oil because export-oriented products are cheaper. "And because they get greater internationalisation, the competition for that labor is also stronger." The country which is expected to be affected by this is Iran. Khatam Ghazanfar, who works in an oilfield production plant Isfahan and monitors oil prices for ISNA's and gas news website Iranews, said Iran was likely to have the lowest prices in region due to lack of investment in the field, which was being developed by several European companies. Iran has been importing most petroleum products since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, only halting online pharmacy buy viagra production after nuclear negotiations between the US and Shah collapsed in 1980. Oil exports were restored to Iran in 1996. But this has since been affected by higher international oil prices, which have led to international sanctions against Iran for being involved in the Iran-Iraq War. Houthi leader Saadi Sarraf Khodr says he still has hope Iran can reopen its oilfields. "The only way anyone is going to know this is, will they be able to start work," he told The Diplomat. "I believe things are really good between Iran and their government. But the reality is that they (the Iranians) still know a lot of their industry is in trouble." When asked if he thought Iran had learned from the revolution, Houthis' leader said: "All this will be shown from today and how we are going to handle it." "In our next stage, I say we will take all the weapons that we have and the weapons that we have brought from places other than the US." The Canadian Press OTTAWA -- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said during his spring budget speech Monday that he is committed to ensuring that all federal public servants are paid the amount they entitled to when their contracts end. "We have been making every effort to ensure that the federal employee pays money they're owed," Mr. Trudeau said. The Conservatives have repeatedly accused federal public servants of stealing money from the treasury, while Liberal MP Maxime Bernier has called on Mr. Trudeau to launch a full investigation into the government's handling of public service payouts to Liberal MPs. However, a total of $9.7 million the money cheques written to public servants by the government were not sent, according to the finance department. If money isn't paid, the department says it must explain why the cash won't reach any of them. Under the government's plans, some members of the public will also be provided the equivalent of paid leave -- at least half of them, will be over two years. Mr. Trudeau, a former finance minister and member of the Conservative caucus, said some politicians need to be held account for a lot of bad things. His commitment, coupled with promise to raise some money for hospitals, places him in a new position as Harper's political heir. "The Canadian taxpayer is the ultimate watchdog of this government, and it's clear that the prime minister has committed himself to ensuring that public servants across government have it right if they fail to meet their obligations of the pay they're entitled to when their contracts end," Mr. Trudeau's office said in a statement. Conservative MP Rona Ambrose called.

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