Social Distancing & Staying self contained… 

We love interacting with people and we think that our customers are awesome. Team Mango are well  pampered and appreciated by our customers. Fed, watered and entertained, this makes our job so much  fun. 

Currently however, we are all just starting to live with Covid-19. Self isolating and social distancing is now  becoming the norm and seems to be the likelihood for the immediate future at least. 

The good news is that whilst Team Mango remains strong and well, we can continue to work outside whilst  you concentrate on staying safe inside. This means that we keep doing what we love and what we do best and that is creating wonderful outdoor gardens, especially if staying at home is now the new ‘going out’ during Spring time 2020. 

The Virtual Reality is… 

Contacting the office couldn’t be easier and we can stay in touch remotely. You can speak with Carli and Roxy over the phone or via facetime conferencing and we can enjoy talking about how you want your new garden to look and feel and have fun discussing all the possibilities. 

Video link is a great way for us to stay connected and ‘keeping you and nature connected’ is our mantra so that is a great fit already. 

Between us we can create your project estimate, even if we are not physically there to measure the garden! We just need some photos and videos of your garden, a sketch and dimensions, needs and wants and we can talk about products and send you some brochures and images and samples to choose from too. 

The Virtual Reality is that we can then tell you about our visualisation service so that we can show you how  your garden will look when it is finished, ready for social and family time again. 

Self Sufficient Landscapers… 

Our 5 Points of Practice to help keep everyone safe and well are; 

  1. We will bring our own facilities! 
  2. We will bring our own coffee station. 
  3. We will bring our own generator for electricity. 
  4. We will have our own face masks to use if necessary. 
  5. We will have a consistent team because we are a company of loyal full time permanent employees. 

Some sub contractors may not be available during this time?. 

We do not need to come inside to use water, electricity or use your facilities. We will come ready to go and self sufficient so that you can stay safe and self contained whilst we get on with the good bits outside. 

Contact us now to find out how we can help you keep the garden projects going through times of uncertainty and be ‘garden party ready’ for social time again.