The wonderful thing about wood is how it naturally blends into any style of garden, whether it be a modern and contemporary space or the good old traditional British family garden in Exeter.

Decking is still a popular choice in our part of the UK, Devon, and in the cosmopolitan yet charming City of Exeter where we are established.

Timber is a beautiful product to work with because of its versatility and it has the added bonus that wood provides organic and earthy tones. This makes decking fit very naturally into any garden. Garden designers continue to love this product and decking in Exeter remains a firm favourite among many home owners, staying on-trend by providing different softwood and hardwood products for all sizes of space and budget.

As hard landscapers, working with timber products is always a pleasure to the senses. Wood is tactile. To the touch, it is soft and smooth along with its undulating grooves. Visually it offers such amazing colours and patterns, and let’s face it, wood is special too because it lures us in with wonderful aromas that are relaxing, fresh and welcoming.

Softwood decking is a popular choice these days. To be fair it does need a bit more time and attention than hard wood but it is easy to work with and can quickly transform a wasted area into an enjoyable social space.

Hardwood offers durability with some stunning results. As a long-term investment, it is a solid choice for a high-quality decking area and in Exeter it is a fantastic natural product to use to complement the incredible views that properties enjoy in this area.

So, whatever your preference for decking in Exeter, you can call on us. We will be delighted to talk to you about how decking can work for you in your garden. You can view our work on our portfolio.