So, it appears I am passionate about drainage covers, who knew!

What’s to get excited about? All we want to do is enjoy the ‘fun and pretty bits’ of our paving projects. So, when your professional landscaper starts to talk seriously about the importance of drainage, we often start to yawn and frown.
When we are choosing beautiful paving products for our patios and driveways we carefully select the best products that complement our designs and personality.

But when it comes to it, I must admit that the bulk standard ‘run-of-the-mill’ drainage covers in Devon that we see ‘common place’ today, are just simply dull and uninteresting.

But guess what… that boring serious bit is now part of the ‘fun and pretty bit’ too, with lots of designs and materials offering Devon, decorative drainage cover solutions.

‘Grate’ I hear you cry, variety is the spice of life after all. These decorative drainage covers are robust, functional and reliable. Frost proof channels, durable strong performance and effective water control make these channel drains an essential part of the landscape construction as well as being attractive and streamline.

The designs are varied enough to fit pretty much into any scheme. There is sleek stainless steel in ten precision designs, traditional cast iron in four designs and rustic colours and finally the stone composite which provides a natural look in seven designs and colours.

Decorative drainage covers will blend in subtly or can be used as a primary feature. Stunning and stylish with a practical purpose, what a winner!

For those of us who enjoy design, not only can we invest in a more sophisticated drainage solution but we can also have illuminated drainage too. Just pop off the covers and install special led lighting.

Linear channel drainage and matching manhole covers all help keep flow and unity to our space and can really enhance our paving and create the best first impression when incorporated into a driveway construction.

If you would like further information about products and our installation services then please feel welcome to get in touch with us today. For decorative drainage cover Devon installations, contact Mango Paving & Landscaping.