So, here is what I think about being a hard landscaping company in Exeter, where gardens are what we know best.

I believe that our way of thinking is changing and that our relationship with the great outdoors is evolving, especially in our Exeter gardens.

I have recently learned how to use and enjoy my garden more, so rather than just looking at it from the inside and feeling daunted by its demands, I can now step out at any time, and more to the point, get the kids out too.

I feel that our ‘young generation’ are growing up indoors. Quite often I’ve found myself encouraging our children into that wonderful place called….’outside’.

I know that our great British weather is renowned for being a tad unpredictable, but having said that our climate is changing, and along with our perceptions on how we view our gardens and use our outside spaces. We are evermore embracing the social aspect of our gardens and the opportunity this gives for us to get together more. British and BBQ go hand in hand like Mango Paving & Landscaping and Exeter Gardens.

As an Exeter based company we are proud to have strong relationships with national manufactures who supply good quality and diverse landscape products. As professionals, we provide a quality service and are vetted and approved by our manufactures. Together this lets us create beautiful and useable gardens to enjoy all year round.
Exeter is a great place to have a hard landscaping company, where historic meets cosmopolitan. A lot of Exeter Gardens have a real city contemporary feel whilst other gardens in Exeter have a more vintage feel about them, so there is plenty of variety for us as landscapers.

The Exeter gardens created by Mango Paving & Landscaping have provided new opportunities for low maintenance outdoor living. For many busy families and young professionals within our city this has boosted the social element of the garden and offered an easier lifestyle too. It is most encouraging to hear how gardens enhance our quality of living.

Perhaps if you require advice and inspiration about how best to maximise the use of your garden, please feel welcome to contact us at Mango Paving & Landscaping Exeter.