Featheredge fencing is a strong robust fence panel that consists of overlapped timbers that will fit any style of garden decor.  Panels come in different sizes so that you can create a boundary around your garden that is fit for purpose.  Because they come in panels, they are easy to install and will last a long time.  The style is simple and will blend with contemporary, traditional or modern designs, giving you the desired privacy without forfeiting aesthetics.

Featheredge fencing is a great way to clearly define an area or boundary, providing privacy and durability.  It is easy to grow a selection of plants up the panels, if you wish to avoid a ‘blocked-in’ look, alternatively they can be used as a great focal point drawing the eye to significant feature.

Because the overlapped timbers are reinforced with thick wood panels, it makes this style of fencing highly durable and strong.  Great for those winter months when Mother Nature reminds us of her force!  The panels come in heights from 3ft up to 6ft, so whatever your garden requirements are, you will find a panel to suit.

If you have a sloped garden that requires bordering off, featheredge fencing can be fitted to accommodate this, but extra help may be needed, unless you’re a dab hand at DIY!  Garden specialists will be more than happy to give you a quote and help identify the best panels for your requirements.  There will always be something available to match any budget, so you can have a fence that is simple, straightforward but robust or have a more extravagant garden border that accentuates and compliments the style of your garden, making it stand out from the rest, giving it a classy, sophisticated, modern look.  A garden fence can make all the difference in the look and style of your garden, so it’s important to find something that will make your outdoor space look its best, while providing the ever important practicalities that every garden needs.