I am sure you will agree that wood is an amazing natural product, versatile, durable and aesthetically pleasing too. But wood must endure mother nature all year round, so regular treatments protecting it against the elements will extend its life and your enjoyment too.

Having transformed your garden with timber decking boards it is time to consider its annual clean and restoration.

On-going maintenance is an essential part of looking after your investment, keeping it safe and looking good for years to come as well as protected throughout our British seasons.

To spruce up and revitalise your decking boards Mango Paving & Landscaping Exeter provide services to help you accomplish this.

Repair & Restoration means that we carry out all the necessary cleans, repairs and treatments required to bring your decking boards back to life. Alternatively, if your deck is beyond repair then we remove the old rotten decking boards and construct a brand new treated deck.

Our maintenance packages are to ensure the upkeep and protection of your new timber deck. Our work doesn’t have to stop once we have installed your decking boards, we like to protect all our installations well into the future to make sure it lives beyond your expectations.

And we don’t just stop there, not only do we clean and protect decking boards, we repair and seal driveways, offer cleaning and treatments on patios and have various maintenance options for artificial grass, keeping it disinfected, brushed and sprayed.

So, if you think that your decking may need some love and attention then talk to us, we will be happy to help.

Decking boards construction and maintenance by Mango Paving & Landscaping Ltd. You are in safe hands – please get in touch if you have any questions at all.

Association of Professional Landscapers – Mango Paving & Landscaping Exeter – Best New Contractor – Winner 2017 APL Awards, London.