Decking is a fantastic product that can provide a really classy and sophisticated, practical area of any outdoor space.  Because it is made of wood it helps to keep in touch with nature and give the feel of a natural, earthy garden.  There is a wide range of decking available and to suit any budget, from non-slip to heavy duty decking.

As well as being hard wearing, decking is also a softer surface than most ground coverings and it offers versatility. The installation of decking can overcome the challenges of building or excavating uneven terrain or sloping areas by constructing split level or terrace decking enabling you to utilise any existing space more efficiently.  Decking is also good for hiding any problem or unsightly areas, particularly in areas of solid clay or shaded areas where it is difficult for grass to grow.

If you’re looking at decking as an option for an outdoor space, it’s important to identify how much use the space will get and what type of ground the decking will be built on.  Some soils require stronger foundations to prevent the decking from moving and if you’re going to have a heavy foot fall it’s worth investing in heavy duty decking, which will withstand a lot of use and remain durable additional resources.  It’s a matter of weighing up costs, amount of use and identifying the long term, most cost efficient option.

Although, there is the investment to consider, it is likely to add value to your home as well as providing an outdoor living space that is easy to maintain year round and can be a good alternative to grass or paving.  With plenty of options available as to style and design, heavy duty decking is a great alternative that is worth investigating and considering.  No longer will you have to spend the summer months mowing the grass and then treading it back into the house, particularly good when you have pets and children, who are in and out of the house.  Decking is great too for outdoor entertaining with spills easily mopped up and no soggy, muddy feet for the lovely British summertime, you can entertain whatever the weather!