Has your garden become overtaken by hedges?  Do you get fed up of clearing leaves every Autumn?  It’s well known that the British love their gardens, but sometimes life gets in the way and prevents us from maintaining our patch of heaven.  Hedge trimming is an important job that needs to be done every year to ensure a good healthy bush, but having the right tools and equipment to carry out the task is also important.  Occasionally, a hedge can become too overgrown and the task to trim it back can be too overwhelming.  That’s when it’s a good time to get the professionals in!  Professional gardeners and landscapers will have exactly the right equipment, will know how to use it and ensure that your hedge is cut so that it doesn’t look like it’s been stripped of every leaf it once had!  They will also be able to come back every year to give it a quick trim to help your bush thrive and look at its best again.  The added bonus of getting professionals in to help, is that they will clean up after themselves and dispose of all the cut foliage and if there’s a lot, it’s a complete blessing!

We all love trees and in Autumn, they look fantastic but once the leaves have fallen, clearing up the leaf debris can be incredibly time consuming and exhausting.  However, it’s an important job to do as it prevents drains from becoming blocked and wet leaves, can cause a slip hazard and also hide dog mess that hasn’t been cleared up!  So if you have a lot of trees or are finding the task of clearing the leaves every Autumn a challenge, then again, professional help might be the answer.  They will have leaf blowers that shift a large amount of leaves very quickly and make the cleaning up process faster and less arduous.  You can then use the leaf debris for compost or ask the gardening professionals to dispose of them for you.  Sometimes in life it’s good to have a little helping hand and most gardening professionals will be happy to help with a one off job, or come back every year, so that once again you can enjoy your peace of heaven!