Statistics from Rightmove, the country’s leading house sales portal tell us more and more people are choosing not to move but invest more into their current homes and gardens.

As we start to gravitate more towards outdoor living our needs and ideas change and the latest in home and garden design is the seamless transition from inside to outside.

We are investing more into our health and wellbeing, and that means being more mindful of our work life balance and achieving a healthier living lifestyle.

The Inside Outside living philosophy has taken off and our mindset towards a more social lifestyle is key this decade.

Home and Garden

As I write this, COVID-19 is spreading terror amongst our midst, and travel agents are reporting a massive crash in flights and people deciding not to holiday abroad.

Spring is upon us and many of our clients’ thoughts turn to their gardens, we are seeing a massive increase in orders, especially for artificial grass and porcelain patios and gazebos.

Having a gorgeous and usable garden space means that when the sun does shine, we are ready to wheel out our BBQ’s, unveil our table and chairs and enjoy some quality peaceful time in our gardens.

The challenges of the British weather mean we are never sure when we can book precious family time together outdoors. Now with the new inside outside living vibe we can merge our floor space from indoor kitchen to outdoor dining with ease making the most of getting together, whatever the weather.

So if you are planning on staying home this summer and want to improve the likelihood of being able to use your gardens for entertaining, why not consider a consultation with Mango to discuss your options on the inside outside living lifestyle, garden styling, and the latest products to suit your budget and needs.

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