Landscaper (Level 1)

Otherwise known as ‘high tower’ or ‘long brad’ our Brad stands a confident 6ft 4” and is a wonderful combination of strength and kindness. He is very thoughtful and helpful to all the members in his team, quietly getting on and assisting behind the scenes, which goes a long way on a busy site.

Brad is steady and reliable and is enjoying learning on the job through his mentors and with his peers. He is a good all rounder with a developing passion for woodwork and timbercraft. A real Gentleman, Brad is great with clients and is more than happy to kick back and talk through the project, his expanding knowledge of landscaping and the industry in general.

Brad is happy to turn his hand to anything and work his way through the skills matrix to pursue a career in landscaping.. 

A real grafter Brad is a great asset to the Teams and very useful for things in high places! Work is physically demanding on site and Brad gets stuck in and keeps going all day long, packed lunch would defeat the largest of vikings so, if Brad is in your landscape team, keep him fed and watered and you will have a wonderful garden.