Director (Mango Landscape Training)

Teaching landscaping is who Dor is. He started the company in 2008 with the very purpose of offering good quality workmanship at an honest price. Today, as the industry rapidly expands but remains unregulated, the focus is on training and teaching landscape skills. This is Dor’s legacy,  to ensure that there continues to be good quality working practices for a fair price, long after he hangs up his boots! Dor creates and implements our internal staff workshops, maintenance programmes and offers technical in depth advice.

Dor still likes to keep his hand in though, and occasionally works on site to give practical ‘on the job’ training to our very own Mango landscapers. Dor is a very funny man and although runs a tight ship, is indeed a laugh a minute. 

These days though you mainly find Dor in the portacabin and the yard, planning workshops, writing new courses and training, unless he is in the office creating more work for Roxy! He also keeps himself busy carrying out site surveys for quotations and will be imparting wisdom on materials and installation processes and technical information. So, you will see Dor when he comes to quote and if you come to the showroom he might be there too for entertainment.

If you are interested in learning the skills of the trade or are interested in talking to Dor for some technical advice then please contact us in the office.