Landscaper (Level 1)

What’s not to love about our Jake.  Keen, courteous and consistent, we have a wonderful professional landscaper in the making right here. Jake brightens up the dullest of days and keeps the vibe alive and the momentum going, he is indeed our chief morale officer.

As an avid Exeter Chiefs Rugby fan, Jake was part of the garden transformed team for Stuart Hogg, Exeter Chiefs player and Scottish Rugby Captain. 

Setting lines and line marking, site planning and preparation are second nature now along with the rewards of positive feedback for good work well donel. Jake is a very sociable and friendly soul always with a positive outlook and is a great person to work with.  

Unflappable, cool, calm and collected and with a naturally content and happy disposition, Jake is a solid support to the team. On the driving team, Jake is used to driving our tippers and towing trailers, so if you see him out and about collecting aggregates or delivering diggers, just give him a wave!