Landscaper (Level 2) Specialism: Troubleshooting & Tech

Adaptable and flexible, that’s our Reece. He works quickly and efficiently and is a dependable worker and team player. A great one for puzzles and conundrums, our Reece is our  ‘go to’ person for troubleshooting. He has a great sense of wonderment, thinking ahead and forward planning which makes for some quick and useful ideas.

Always one for giving new things a go, Reece has a positive mindset which has served him very well in progressing through the ranks building his profession with an ambition of becoming a Level 3 Landscaper and Project Manager. 

Not lacking in drive and focus, Reece can be a quiet one at times but has the most infectious giggle which keeps spirits high and he enjoys every minute on site.  A natural outdoor type Reece is not one to be underestimated, he is used to early starts, long days, tough weather conditions and relentless physical work yet still always has a kind and thoughtful word for others, along with offers of help, even at the end of a very long day. 

With his digger and dumper tickets, Reece is used to power tools and industrial equipment and likes to get the job done. A good manual worker, strategist and technical wizard, Reece is indeed an integral part of our Mango family. 

So if you are looking for that total garden transformation with some garden tech thrown in, then let us know and we will have Reece assist with making the garden magic happen.