Director (Accounts, HR, Health & Safety & Training Support)

Gardens bring Roxy happiness. Helping others have beautiful functional gardens and social spaces, brings Roxy even more happiness. Being with Phil Tremayne from the APL and seeing Mark Gregory at BBC GWL brings Roxy even more happiness still.

The purpose of having a landscaping company is to bring joy, information, fun and peace of mind. Happy by nature Roxy is content being in the customer service and ‘happiness industry’.  

In the office it is all high heels and typing, customer focus, planning, business development, accounting, HR, health and safety, training, skill matrix and team building.

But, not one to shirk responsibility, and more importantly to keep in touch with how hard the site teams work, Roxy is all for getting stuck in learning and respecting what it is to be a professional landscaper... And of course not to mention showing them a thing or two!

Having experienced some great opportunities within the Class of 2018 Pickards School of Garden Design in Bristol, Roxy has some very knowledgeable friends in high places within the industry, learning basic construction elements from Paul Hensy, garden design, site surveying and planting with Sally Harley-Martin and sketching and helping with the Chelsea Flower Show ‘award winning show garden’ by Kate Savill. 

Roxy literally lives in the office and absolutely loves it there but still likes to take any opportunity to work out in the field. The transfer and replanting of the legacy garden from the one and only Duchess of Cambrdige, Back to Nature Garden at The Chelsea Flower Show, was a highlight meeting the designers and doing the work at the NHS Facility Dawlish.

So when it comes to business, the team, gardens and customer service, Roxy will be in her element. Literally ‘your happiness is her happiness’.