Investing in a resin bound driveway will give your property a classy and sophisticated look that is not only practical, porous, smooth but also hard-wearing.  The surfacing system is made up of dried aggregate which is bound in resin.  This creates a surface, which is flexible, avoids cracking and is durable.  The resin bound surface offers a variety of colours which means that you can easily find a choice that will suit your style and property.  A resin bound driveway instantly adds value to a property, giving it that unique wow factor, making your house stand out from the rest of the street.

Because of its porous properties, a resin bound driveway is excellent for areas where surface water could be a potential problem.  It is also useful for areas lined with trees that still require rain water to seep through into the ground.  So if you have an area where plants or trees are embedded in the pathway, you can retain these features as the resin will allow the water to soak through resulting in you being able to keep to your preferred style and design.

The resin bound system is created from natural and recycled aggregate, which means that it is not fully drawing on the earth’s natural resources and therefore, more environmentally friendly.  Many different shades of colour can be interjected into the resin, allowing you to choose from a huge range which results in ensuring that the driveway truly brings out the best look for your property.

Resin bound systems have a smooth surface which makes them an ideal solution for disabled access and you can choose the type of texture which is most practical for your needs. If you are limited on garden space, utilising the driveway as a play area too means that you can make maximum use of that space.  Many play park areas now use resin bound surface systems, because of their durability, flexibility and permeable surface.

So don’t delay why not start planning today on giving your property the face lift that won’t break the bank!