Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder they say, so you could be admiring your new garden from the confines of your favourite armchair during this interesting time of living through a pandemic.

Ironically, ‘wellbeing’ is the buzz word for 2020 as it’s all about reconnecting with nature and outdoor living, and timing being everything, this could actually be a golden opportunity for contemplation and preparation towards a new garden and a new outdoor living lifestyle.

We can video link or email to discuss your needs and wants, dreams and ideas, budgets and products. We can create mood boards, concept drawings and 3D visualisations.

Bursting with colour and pride and keeping the garden dream alive.

Colour consultations and mood boards, ideas, pins and images, brochures and product samples, this is all the fun stuff that we can get stuck into right now.

The planning of a new garden gives us something positive to look forward to, ready when social gatherings are back in full swing, making this Summer 2020 a well deserved time to enjoy our beautiful gardens.

Roxy & Carli are in the office and we cannot wait to start talking through ideas, timescleas, prices, products and planning to get you garden party ready for the new dawn and life after Covid-19.

Professional 3D visualisation

We work very well with a wonderful professional 3D visualiser who can help us bring you ideas to life. This is great way to help support decisions in lifestyle changing investments.

We have a basic guide to help you ‘self survey’ which will help us achieve a visualisation to see how it feels in your new outdoor space.

Some of the benefits of being an approved member of the Marshalls register…

As a Mango customer you get to access some high tech professionals through Marshalls when you choose to have a CAD Drawing for your hard landscaping project with Marshalls products.

The Marshalls brochure 2020 is an absolute joy, please phone Carli in the Mango Office to request your brochure and product samples or order a CAD drawing for your project.

Contact us to make your vision a reality.