The ‘Self Site Survey’

Take our self site survey today and let us work with you towards your vision

See our instructions below!

Here’s what you need to do to take our Self Site Survey:

  • Take your photos and video. 
  • Download and print the graph paper.
  • Show us your ideas through descriptions and images. 
  • Let us know if you want prices for either a CAD drawing, Visualisation or 3D Walkthrough.
  • Email us at For large file sending, you may need to use WeTransfer or MailBigFile.

Read more details below…

Photos, Images and Videos:

  • Take as many photos of your garden as you can, from lots of different angles, even from upstairs looking down if you can.
  • We will need close-ups of any drainage issues or problem areas. We will need an idea on levels, so if you are able to show us, this will be useful too. 
  • Don’t forget to take some photos of the access so that we can see what equipment we are able to bring in. 
  • If you can, include an accompanying 360 video from the center of the garden which will help us understand the overall layout.
  • Lastly you may need to send us your images and video via WeTransfer or MailBigFile to

Drawings & Sketches

Don’t forget to say if you require a CAD Drawing 

Download the graph paper here!

  • Draw a rough sketch of your the outline of your garden.
  • Show doors and gates and note if they open outwards or into the garden.
  • Note any fixed furniture, ponds, features or borders that cannot be moved.
  • Note and plot any manhole covers or utility covers within the garden.
  • List any key plants, trees or shrubs that you wish to keep and need to stay.
  • If you have steps, draw them into the sketch.
  • Show any outside taps and electrical points.

The Client Brief

  • List your needs and wants and the practical elements required.
  • You can attach images from Pinterest to give us an idea of how you visualise the garden.
  • If you are having a design, tell us how you feel about your garden, colours, where the first and last patch of sun falls, likes & dislikes for example.

What to Do

  • Take any photos and videos

  • Draw a sketch of your garden

  • Describe your brief to us

  • Submit the above to us