Shaped lawns – we make grass look good.

Have you got a little bit bored of your garden? Are you looking for some inspiration? Well why not consider the idea of shaping your lawn, to create a different style and look? Often lawns can be very standard square or oblong shaped, but actually with the variety of edging available and grass being so easy to cut and shape, it is an often overlooked method of bringing a bit more variety and interest into your outdoor space.

Grass doesn’t have to be dull and boring

It can be used to create a fantastic feature and often done in such a way to make a garden feel bigger than it actually is. Even small gardens with the tiniest patch of lawn can benefit from a variety of shapes, size isn’t always best!

Garden designers will be able to look at the layout of your garden and assess what shape will suit the area most. Often a simple adjustment in shape can really make all the difference and give the impression of a complete re-designed garden.

Although grass is hardwearing and can withstand our varying seasons, it too does need some TLC from time to time. It’s important to keep grass fed and weed free if you wish to maintain a healthy green lawn. Grass needs food, just like all other plants and most gardeners will tell you that once you have weeds in your lawn, it’s not easy to eradicate them see this site. Moss, clover, dandelions and daisies can all take hold very easily and propagate fast.

So regular treatment to rid your lawn of weeds will help the grass to grow and thrive. If you have particular difficulty in growing grass due to the type of soil or if you have shaded patches of lawn, it’s worth seeking the advice of experts who will be able to explain and guide you as to what is best for your outdoor space. You may find that very stubborn areas would benefit from artificial grass, often a solution that isn’t considered, but can be just as effective.

So why not look at how you can give your lawn a bit of a face lift, you may be surprised at the difference it could make!