Decking has been a favourite amongst home owners for a number of years now as it creates

a more natural feel in the garden because of it being softer under foot and the more neutral

colours of wood, allowing it to blend into any garden design. Sleepers are becoming just as

popular and create a real rustic feel in the garden. You can use reclaimed railway sleepers

to create an authentic look or brand new railway sleepers. It all depends on the style and

look you wish to create in your outdoor space.

The rustic look

Reclaimed used railway sleepers give a garden a rustic, genuine look and can be used not

just for decking but as steps too or edging borders and large planters. Or if you prefer the

more traditional look of decking than brand new railway sleepers may suit your

requirements better. Either way, sleepers make a good alternative to the more traditional

decking that is common today.

Decking with sleepers will create a very sturdy, robust area, which will withstand lots of

heavy duty and wear and tear. There are plenty of ancillary items that can be used

alongside the sleepers, such as balustrades, steps, seating and large planters to complete

and finish the look of your design. Sleeper decking is easy to maintain and will last

throughout the years, withstanding the harshest of seasons generic for benicar. Decking with sleepers will

provide you with an outdoor area all year round where you can relax, wine and dine with

friends or sit out and enjoy the stars. It is ideal for areas where it is difficult to grow grass or

paving is not really a suitable option. Decking can also be used as a focal point and feature

of the garden, drawing attention and welcoming visitors! Plant pots can be used to add

greenery and colour to the area, allowing you to change the style and look from season to

season or year to year.

Decking – for those hard to cover areas

Decking is great for uneven ground and can fit into the most awkward of spaces. If you have

an idea but not sure how to plan it out, professional advice is always worthy as they will be

able to inform you of what will look the best and what can match your budget. So why not

look into sleeper decking today and see what wonderful designs you can create with your

outdoor space.