A lush, well-kept lawn will make a garden stand out and particularly inviting during the summer months. Making the change from natural grass to synthetic turf is definitely something to consider and here’s why:
Synthetic turf for the domestic market offers a fantastic range of products. A broad selection of colours and shades, pile heights and prices offers a good variety for your personal choice and budget.

Perfect for children and pets, synthetic turf is clean, safe and durable alternative to natural grass.

When you think of synthetic turf, you may image a fake and harsh material and in the past, this may have been true. However, modern science technology has enhanced the look and feel of synthetic turf to a very convincing natural look and there are lots of other benefits too;

Drainage issues are reduced or eliminated through the construction of a quality sub base and base in a professional installation. This will aid the longevity of your investment.

Synthetic turf offers all year-round colour and greenery in those clay or shady areas where natural turf fails to grow.

Low maintenance, synthetic turf offers a ‘lifestyle’ and maximises the use of your outdoor space all year round, no mud, no mess and no feeding or watering. Did you know that studies show that 50 sqm of natural lawn demands on average an astonishing 30,000 litres of water to keep it looking green and healthy as well as toxic fertilizers to help if flourish?

Synthetic turf is a fantastic time saver. Unless you are a keen gardener, you probably don’t enjoy being a slave to your garden and most likely feel that those hours of mowing the lawn could be better spent relaxing with your family or watching the kids play on the synthetic turf. Imagine a life where you didn’t have to mow the lawn or worry about keeping it alive and well.

We understand that synthetic turf isn’t for everyone but considering all those benefits it is something to think about, especially a perfect choice for busy professionals, families and pet owners.

Our team are fully vetted and approved installers for Namgrass UK and we offer on-going maintenance packages for that added convenience. After all, we want to keep your lawn looking garden-party ready all year round.