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Our Purpose & Our Legacy

As a company our purpose is to provide a high-end quality service along with an enjoyable experience for both our clients and our staff.

As a business our legacy is to ensure that we help to standardise our industry so that customers receive a professional level of workmanship from their contractor. Our aim is for homeowners to feel safe and assured that they will not be overcharged or receive substandard work by inexperienced trades within our industry. 

As an innovative forward thinking company, we want to deliver this training and standardise the working practices within our industry and we will achieve this in collaboration with The Association of Professional Landscapers. 

Paving the way to an independent future

Course Title: Block Paving Workshop 

Category: Hard Landscaping (Driveways)

Duration: 5 Days (Monday to Friday) 

Number of candidates: 2 or 4 candidates per workshop (work in pairs)

Venue: Mango Landscapes, The Yard at Newcourt Barton, Clyst Road, Exeter EX3 0DB

Our yard is risk assessed on an annual basis by an outsourced independent health and safety consultant. 

Price: £695.00

Practical training in setting out, excavation, drainage, sub base, borders, cutting, laying, pointing, sanding and compacting with classroom sessions to include types of products and materials, tools, health and safety, aftercare and maintenance and how to price a job correctly. 

This workshop is designed for anyone who is looking to learn these specific skills in paving. This can be for career changers, apprentices, a refresher for existing independent landscapers or for outsourcing the upskilling of existing staff and in depth training for fresh new young trainees wanting to achieve a specialism in hard landscaping. 

The Training Provider

About the trainer: Dor has been in the industry for over 15 years and specialises in hard landscaping. He started the company, Mango Landscapes in 2008 which has now grown into Mango Landscapes specialising in hard landscaping and garden construction. Dor has single handedly trained, nurtured and supervised a team of full-time fully trained professional landscapers, some of which have now proudly flown and started for themselves. 

Mango Training has been evolving over the last few years where we have been organising our site to accommodate external workshops outside of our own staff training.

Ultimately, the passion for Dor wanting to share his knowledge, has stemmed from many heartbreaking visits to customers who have experienced poor workmanship and over pricing. Having witnessed a rapid increase in numbers of cases since the first Covid Lockdown, we have now prioritised the decision to increase the general standards within our industry on a local level and our training is now set to roll out in Spring 2022 with our first workshop scheduled for 01 March 2022.

Professional Landscapers

The Association of Professional Landscapers (APL) comprises a network of accredited landscape companies who design, build and maintain gardens throughout the UK. The rigorous inspection process to join is the toughest within the industry. Along with the initial inspection, each member is inspected annually to ensure that they have up to date insurance, complies with health and safety law and their quality of work is to the highest standards possible. The APL is the only landscaping scheme operator of Trustmark, a Government endorsed initiative that promotes professional trades to consumers. 

Mango Landscapes are accredited members of The APL & Trustmark. We have a strong relationship to ensure that we deliver the best training at a sensible price. 

The Future is Bright, The Future is Mango

On the horizon is a comprehensive list of skill sets that will be included in future modules. If you would like further information regarding these forthcoming training programmes.  

Teaching the next generation of skilled landscapers

Apprenticeships in construction or horticulture will require a hard landscaping element within the course, these  can be accommodated here at Mango Landscape Training Exeter. Colleges, please contact us to discuss further. Apprentices must be 18 years and over.