See your Vision

Make your idea a reality with stunning 3D visualisation

What is CAD?

Satisfy the visionary in you and see your garden ideas come to life with stunning garden designs in 3D & 2D CAD drawings.

So, what is a CAD drawing or visualisation? Well, CAD stands for ‘Computer Aided Design’.

This is where we can create flat site plans, 2D garden representations and 3D visualisations.

So what do you get for your money?

Following your site survey, you will have telephone consultation with our Creative Team to discuss the brief. This is where you can think about your needs and wants, budgets and costs, and to discuss possible schemes and themes. This session with our Garden Stylist and Creative Manager, Liz.

Liz – Creative Manager & Garden Stylist

Creative and dynamic, Liz is our Garden Stylist and Visualisor helping you see your dream garden as a reality by creating stunning visualisations, CAD drawings and planting plans.

Heading up the Creative Team she will take your design brief, personally select the best products within your budget, create your sample mood board and discuss themes, costs, timescales, project planning and after care, and with extensive product knowledge in landscaping materials, guide you through your design presentation in our showroom.

Within the price you have the opportunity for two amendments or design changes and a physical mood board created with swatches and samples which are carefully chosen by Liz to fit your design brief and budget.

Once the initial concept has been created we will invite you into our office/showroom for a one to one consultation with Liz. Here we will present the first draft of your design, present the product samples and architectural mood board and we can discuss your quote, costs and timescales.


2D Garden Representation

£200 + VAT
  • A3 full colour design (digital and hardcopy)
  • Consultation and design time
  • Product selection and colour choices
  • Product and design presentation
  • Includes notes and labelling of materials
  • Image mood board and architectural mood board
  • Includes 2 design changes
  • Project costs, timescales and product availability

3D Garden Visualisation

£360 + VAT
  • A3 full colour design (digital and hardcopy)
  • Consultation and design time
  • Product selection and colour choices
  • Product and design presentation
  • Includes notes and labelling of materials
  • Image mood board and architectural mood board
  • Includes 2 design changes
  • Project costs, timescales and product availability

2D Planting Plan

£200 + VAT
  • 2D full colour planting design (digital and hardcopy)
  • Consultation and design time
  • Includes 2 design changes
  • Annotations and labelling
  • Digital mood board of plant images and feature specimens
  • Plant selection and colour choices
  • Project presentation
  • Project costs, timescales and product availability

Things to Consider…


This is one of the most important things to consider before we get started. Good quality landscaping products and paying for professional labour can soon add up, and sometimes at first glance, without a comprehensive breakdown, come across as expensive. Think about the difference between cost and value and your expectations. What I mean by this is what is most important to you? For example, cost and the financial aspect and how much to spend, or, value, thinking more in terms of a long term investment, focusing on high end materials, quality workmanship, warranties and aftercare.

We have access to some beautiful products within various price points, so achieving a practical and stunning garden within your budget, should on the most part, be achievable if you know what to expect. We can guide you through the pricing to give you a basic understanding of the costs involved in hard landscaping and garden construction.


Consider your lifestyle choice and what you want from your outdoor space. Give careful consideration to the amount of time that you will spend in your garden but most importantly how you want to spend it. Do you want to relax or are you happy to work in the garden, give thought to the amount of maintenance you feel comfortable doing.

2D Basic Site Plan

If the thought of the 2D and 3D visualisations feels a little overwhelming, then don’t worry, we always create a basic 2D black and white flat site plan. This comes as standard and is automatically charged at £25.00 +VAT. You will find this shown on your quotation, so you don’t actually pay until you have approved your quote. This is an integral part of our planning process for your project and a working document for our team as well as confirmation and peace of mind for you, as our client. Please note that this is only available shortly before the estimated start date, there will not be any amendments to the plan and this is not part of the design service. If you have any questions or would like further information then please call our Sales Team on 01392 690212.

● Basic CAD drawing

● A3 black and white site plan (digital and hardcopy)

● Includes measurements and products

● Layout of Client request (no design service)

2D Garden Representation

Cost £200.00 +VAT

Includes consultation, design time and the visualisation.

Estimated turnaround time 3-5 working days (longer if there is a waiting list)

Sample of a 2D Garden Representation

Things we need to know and things to consider

Our aim is to create ‘your dream garden’ that sits comfortably within your budget. To help us select the best products in our collections we will need to know what you are happy to spend.

This doesn’t mean that we maximise or blow the budget, we love to challenge ourselves and create a stunning design with beautiful materials under budget wherever possible, however we can manage your expectations with regards to costs of landscaping.

Sample of 2D Garden Representation

Cost Summary & what’s included

● £200.00+VAT

● A3 full colour design

● Digital and Hardcopy

● Includes notes and labelling for materials

● Mood board images & colour pallets.

● Project presentation (images and visualisation on screen), samples selection and architectural mood board, project costs and timescales.

● 2 design changes

● Turnaround time, allow 3-5 working days for design and creation.

2D Planting Plan

Cost £200.00 +VAT

Includes consultation, design time and the planting plan.

Estimated turnaround time 3-5 working days (longer if there is a waiting list)

Things that we need to know and things that we consider.

We will need to know your budget so that we can carefully consider the size and types of plants for the scheme. Young small nursery plants will be much more cost effective than mature and established plants, however you will need to be patient whilst the young plants take time to grow, so the beds or planting may look a bit sparse to start with. If you can afford it and you want an instant garden then we can choose larger plants (subject to availability).

Sample of 2D Planting Plan

Cost Summary and what’s included

● £200.00 +VAT

● 2D full colour planting design for bed, borders and planters.

● A3 hardcopy and digital copy

● Side elevation(s)

● Note bar with information on soil, aspect, colour pallet and seasonal interest.

● Plant Selection (Schemes & Themes)

● Full colour image mood board of chosen plants (including names)

● Presentation of design.

Schemes & Themes

So when we talk about ‘Schemes & Themes’ for the garden, there are two types of categories that help us design the appropriate plan for your project.

Schemes are what goes into the garden and Themes are the desired style choice, for example:

Schemes – Feature trees and specimens, raised beds, pots and planters, feature lighting, planting choices, sculptures and water features.

Themes – These are ‘Style’ choices, you can consider themes such as; Japanese or Mediterranean, Cottage, Woodland, Contemporary & Modern or a Moroccan Style or Spanish Courtyard. There are lots of exciting concepts to play with.

Modern Contemporary Style Garden with pleached trees, feature planting & gazebo

Managing expectations regarding costs

Sometimes it can be difficult to comprehend the cost of plants, especially feature trees and established specimens. The costs involved here are to source good quality plants from professional growers and trade nurseries. The costs of trees will include the time and experience that a qualified nurseryman has invested over the years nurturing the growth of the tree in preparation for successful replanting.

What sort of planting…?

This is not just about style and design, you may want to consider how plants can best work for you. For example:

  • Security & Privacy. Do you need to add more screening? You can think about either clear stem pleached trees that act as additional screening above the fence line or tall hardy evergreens.
  • Light & Shade. Using plants to provide shade or offer protection without compromising on light. Dappled shade is a great compromise and offers that extra interest.
  • Interest & Feature Planting. You can get some wonderful shapes and contrast planting with specimen trees such as clouds, lollipops, topiary and multistem trees.
  • Scents & Wildlife. Plants and trees can stimulate the scenes by producing aromas either when touched by the wind, attracting wildlife into the garden.
  • Edibles. Fruit trees don’t just offer edible delights but have some of the most amazing blossoms and attract bees, butterflies and birds.
  • Noise. Plants can help in both ways, they can provide sound and interest or they can absorb noise pollution and offer sound-proofing.

3D Visualisation

£360.00 +VAT

Includes consultation, design time and the visualisation. Estimated 3-5 working days.

Things that we need to know and things that we consider

We will need lots of images including peripheral images to help show realistic surroundings as much as possible. 3D offers the feeling of being in the space as well as showcasing the product choices, materials and accessories. It is a great way to see how colour schemes and accent colours can enhance the look of the design.

Above is an example of a garden visualisation and below is the actual result, which went on to win at the APL Award (The Association of Professional Landscapers) in 2021.

Cost Summary and what’s included

● £360.00 +VAT

● 3D full colour design

● A3 hardcopy and digital copy and 360 rotation

● 2 design changes or amendments

● Note bar with information on products and accessories

● Plant Selection (Schemes & Themes)

● Full colour image mood board

● Presentation of design

Mood Boards & Product Presentations

Digital and physical mood boards really help the project come alive and are a great way to get up close and personal with the products, colours and textures for your landscape project.

The physical or architectural mood boards are made up of a collection of carefully selected product samples, colour swatches and accessories so that you can see how the materials complement each other and how the visualisation comes together.

Colour Palettes

The use of colour is very exciting and can change the look and feel of a garden.

Colour is so important, it has a close relationship with our emotions. Colour can provide calming and relaxing influences and can comfort us. Colours can energise and encourage us, colour is fun, sophisticated or it can be serious, so it goes without saying that when considering a new garden we must give some attention to colour.

There is lots to think about with colour in relation to your schemes and themes and seasons.

For example:

Moroccan gardens love strong deep blues and punchy pinks. Mediterranean gardens love rustic oranges with vibrant greens and zesty yellows, Zen gardens love the deep rich colour along with pastels and subtle hews, contemporary gardens love whites, neutrals, greys and blacks with colour injections and deliberate clashes for an accent of colour using accessories and planting.



PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating

A marriage of colour conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.

We use RAL colour matches. Pantone Feature Colours & the Hex colour picker to aid our designs and styling.