Damaged fences are an inconvenience

Wind damaged fences can cause a real inconvenience and it’s traditionally at the time of

year when the weather is not partial to making it easy to fix. The winter months can often

be costly too with the added expense of seasonal holidays, maintenance of vehicles and

increased energy bills, so having to replace or fix a damaged fence, is often an additional

cost that could be well avoided.

Invest in the right type of fence

Most wind damaged fencing can be avoided if the correct installation was applied initially.

However, over a period of time and years of battering from Mother Nature, even the

sturdiest of fences can crumple. It pays dividends to invest in professional help when

repairing wind damaged fencing as a quick fix, will only plaster over the problem. It may last

for the summer months, but once winter and the gales set in again, you will be faced with

the same problem again. A professional will be able to advise on the type of fencing you will

require as not all fencing may be adequate for your needs. Particularly if you live in an area

where there is a consistent wind or is open to the elements. Fencing that has to withstand

mother nature’s power, needs to be such that it will stay put, no matter what force is blown

it’s way.

What about the soil type?

It’s not only the type of fencing that needs to be taken into consideration but the

groundwork and type of soil the fencing will be placed in, plays a huge part. Living in an

area where the soil is predominantly sand based, will require different footings to that in a

clay based area. The water table can have a huge impact too and although there may not

be much water on the surface, it’s worth identifying how much of the year the footings will

be waterlogged or if the area can drain the water away effectively, so that your footings are

not swimming in water, literally for 6 months of the year. Like every structure a good

foundation pays dividends, hence why getting an expert in to help identify all these aspects

of fencing, will provide you with a long standing, durable fence for years to come.

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