Gazebo’s have taken a surge in trend and it’s a very common site to see them in garden’s these days, popping up for the summer months.  However, you might find that you would like a more permanent feature and have a wooden gazebo installed.  They can come in all different shapes and sizes and are excellent for growing climbing plants up and over.  Wooden gazebo’s make a fabulous feature in any garden and give a garden a classy, sophisticated look.  Because they are a permanent feature and need to withstand the variety of weather our British climate throws at us, it’s important to ensure that correct installation occurs, as the last thing you want is your lovely gazebo turning into a lean to in the winter months!

The type of ground you will be building your gazebo on will be critical to the foundations and ensuring it is secure and stable. You may have an area of ground that is uneven or difficult to grow grass, again a wooden gazebo can change that section of garden, turning it into a focal feature point, rather than an unwanted eyesore.  Because they are made of wood, it is easy to design them according to the space that you have available and matches your budget too.  Once your gazebo has been built you can then choose to have climbing plants growing up the structure, using anything from roses, clematis, jasmine and honeysuckle you can find out more.  All of which will provide a beautiful scent in the summer months.  Or even grapes can be grown, especially if you choose the correct variety depending on your location in the UK.  Wooden gazebo’s look brilliant over decking or patio flags, giving you a gorgeous al fresco dining area to delight friends and family.

Whatever style of structure you decide on, a wooden gazebo installation, will look fantastic and really change the feel of your garden, bringing a more Mediterranean appearance and will have you inviting friends and family around to appreciate its beauty!  So don’t delay, get planning today.